What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal is offered by the private sector to enable homeowners, tenants and landlords to implement energy efficient improvements which can be paid for through the customer’s energy bills. The installed improvements would also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the UK. The Green Deal Plan is a new type of unsecured loan, being tied to your property rather than to you.

Savings will mainly be made on your heating bills (e.g. gas, oil or electricity) but your Green Deal repayments will all be added to your electricity bill, because everyone has one of these.

For more information and advice visit the Energy Saving Advice Service. or call 0300 123 1234. If you are in Scotland call 0808 808 2282 to talk to the Home Energy Scotland Advice Service.

We are also GDAO Stroma Certified, part of the National Landlord Association and are linked with Mitie, a strategic outsourcing company.

Green Deal Assessment

The Green Deal stages

1. Get an Assessment »

Give us a call on 02920 492 479 or fill out our online form and we’ll call you back, to arrange a time convenient to you to have an assessment. This assessment will only be carried out by an authorised Green Deal Assessors who will check your home and produce a Green Deal Advice Report which details energy efficiency improvements. There will be a charge for this The assessor will also ask you a few questions about your energy usage or how many people live in your house and how many showers a week you take.

2. Recommended Measures »

The Green Deal Advice Report is produced which shows your current energy usage and, if the measures are installed, what your potential savings could be. The document will also show you what amounts of finance are available to you. Any amounts of Green Deal Finance offered to you is purely based on typical savings, not your actual usage. You should also be aware that only quotes from us or other Green Deal Providers will show the actual cost of repayments.

3. Get a Quote »

There may be several measures recommended on your quote, you are not required to agree to any or all of the measures and you do not need to accept the quote on the day of your assessment. If you are unsure of any of the details on your quote, give us a call and we can give you advice on what it all means. Once you are happy with your quote, we will produce a Green Deal Plan that forms your contract.

4. Installation »

You’re now ready for the install! The duration of the install depends on what measure you are receiving, external wall insulation will take longer than a boiler replacement. Our team of installers will ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for you to avoid disruption.

Once everything is installed, there will be a post assessment to confirm everything has been installed. You’re then good to start saving! You’ll soon see that on your bills there will be a split between energy usage and loan repayment (if you got finance with us). We will be your point of contact for the duration of the guaranteed measures and will assist you with future requests such as statements, change of bill payer or warranty issues.

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Still confused? Let us explain in greater depth how installing energy efficient measures to your property can help save you money.

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Are you an ECO/Green Deal installer or assessor organisation looking to secure funding for your customers? Enhance Energy can help you!



ECO helps homeowners install energy efficient measures to properties that have low income, in low income areas or those that may not benefit from savings with the Green Deal.

solar energy

Solar Energy

Use solar energy to generate your own renewable electricity with Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar thermal for heating water & save money on your energy bills.



Landlords can make their properties more energy efficient through Green Deal and benefit from energy saving measures such as insulation, a new boiler and draught proofing.

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Which Deal

Green Deal helps you make energy-efficient upgrades yo your property saving you money on your energy bills, Which Deal help you compare energy tariffs, insurances and much more.