Green Deal Assessor Organisation (GDAO)

Green Deal Assessment

What is a GDAO?

The primary role of a GDAO is to remove the burden of administration, paperwork and compliance from advisors. This frees them from their desks, enabling them to spend much more of their valuable time in client’s properties carrying out Green Deal Assessments.

Everything we do is geared towards minimising the administrative burden on assessors and maximising the amount of time you have to carry out assessments. We support you in your mission to supply customers with a seamless and professional experience, ensuring full compliance with the ‘Code of Practice’ at every stage of the process.

As a Green Deal Provider we have a Consumer Credit Licence in place, allowing assessors lodging through our GDAO to refer their customers to Enhance Energy for various sources of Finance and Funding.

Lodgement Costs: Our prices

Standard EPC lodgement: £5.75

Standard GDAR lodgement: £18.25

ECO Score Report: £0.75

Domestic EPC’s: How we work

Once registered with us, we will create an account on our system, in which will be new instructions, ongoing and completed jobs. Whether or not you accept a job from us is at your discretion; you will always receive
a phone call from one of the admin team to enquire whether you would like a job and, once accepted, the customer’s details will appear in your account for you to arrange an appointment. We expect EPCs to be uploaded within 24 hours of the assessment. Alternatively, if you wish to just lodge EPC’s through our GDAO to receive lower lodgement cost we are happy to help. Each lodged EPC will be charged at £5.75. This is an all-inclusive price and covers the EPC, Landmark and Per Click insurances that are required.

Green Deal Assessments: How we work

All GDAs lodging GDAR’s for Green Deal Plans through us will need to be using our iPad software.

To arrange a survey for your customers, you open our software, add the details needed for the appointment and Verify Address. The survey is then conducted on the software which will record all information needed for Audits. By storing the Pre-Assessment documents in the software, all audit queries can be answered by replying Assessment on Software.

To lodge Green Deal Assessments we charge a lodgement fee of £18.25 per property. This is an all-inclusive price and covers the EPC, OA, Landmark and Per Click insurances that are required, use of the software and our Administrative Service. We expect GDAR’s and supporting documents to be uploaded within 24 hours of the assessment.

As well as lodging your own surveys through us, we are in a position to provide you with a supply of work from our own clients. We will complete customer details and send the appointment to your iPad, we will also send the Pre-Assessment Documents.

If we are providing you with Green Deal work then we will pay you £65 per job where we will cover all lodgement fees and other associated costs.

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