New and Replacement Boilers

new replacement boiler

By opting to replace your old boiler or have a new gas boiler and heating system installed, you will be making a hugely environmentally friendly decision. This will lead to an approximate saving of 1200 kg of carbon and dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. Also, by switching to gas central heating you can reduce electric heating cost by up to 75%.

If a boiler isn’t performing to its optimum levels this can be extremely costly to you each and every year, especially with heating being such an expense in the overall cost of running a home. In many cases, replacing your old heating boiler can save over £300 a year, a statistic not to be dismissed quickly.

It is a fact that the most common boilers found in today’s homes are older category levels such as D and E, sometimes-even F. The Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation will allow you to upgrade to a category A Condensing boiler, that burns fuel far more efficiently therefore and reduce the amount of gas you use.

Choosing a new boiler is considered quite complicated, this is not strictly true. There are just a few key factors to think of, the gas engineer will ask you a few simple questions to determine the best system for your needs. Firstly is the amount of people living in the home? Larger families should consider opting for a regular boiler as they will be more likely to use larger amounts of water whereas smaller families, couples or single occupants will require less usage and therefore be more inclined to benefit from a combi-boiler option. The next matter to consider is the space available. If the space where the boiler is to be located is smaller, then the combi would make the most appropriate choice and may even be the necessary option, however if you have a larger, open spaced area then a regular would be suitable. Solar Panels can also play a role in your decision making process. If you are considering the installation of solar panels to your home then this is crucial for choosing your new boiler, as combi boilers are not always compatible with solar thermal energy. Compatibility will almost certainly need to be checked before opting for one or the other.

The good news is that a Green Deal accredited Assessor can always be on hand to provide advice and assistance for choosing the correct option and the most efficient for your needs. Assessors will even take it to the next step for you should you wish and inform professional installers to provide homeowner’s with quotations in an attempt to achieve you greater value for money and once again further financial gain in both the short and long term.

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