As energy prices are on the increase, it’s worthwhile thinking about generating energy from renewable technology as well as buying energy from suppliers. You can install renewable technology (also called microgeneration and low-carbon technology) to generate your own. In some cases, you can sell the surplus energy you generate back to the grid.

Why use renewable energy?

There are lots of good reasons to use renewable energy. You will be:

  • making use of secure, local resources
  • reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy
  • helping to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • creating new jobs in renewable energy industries
  • saving and even earning money.

Make your home more energy-efficient with renewable energy

To ensure you get the most out of your renewables technology, make your home is as energy-efficient as possible before you start. Think about:

  • insulating, draught-proofing and double-glazing wherever you can
  • reducing electricity use from lighting and appliances
  • saving water.

The factors to consider for your property are:

  • for solar PV and solar thermal: which way your roof faces
  • for solar thermal, heat pumps and biomass: space inside and outside
  • for hydroelectricity: whether you have a stream or river running past
  • for wind turbines: what the average wind speed is

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