Paying for the Green Deal

There are many different stages to the Green Deal – from having a Green Deal Assessment, to taking out a Green Deal loan and then repaying the loan through your electricity bills. Below we’ve put together all the key information that you’ll need to know before signing up to a Green Deal scheme.

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Ways to borrow – Green Deal and Low Cost Loans

The aim of a Green Deal loan is to help spread payments for the upfront cost of measures such as solid-wall insulation, boilers and Solar.

Green Deal loans

A Green Deal loan works differently to a loan from a bank or other credit provider: Green Deal loan repayments are added to your electricity bill. You repay the loan through your electricity bill payments (by direct debit, for example, if that’s how you pay).

Green Deal interest rates

At the moment, the interest rates on Green Deal loans can vary. It will depend on which energy efficient measure(s) you choose to install in your home, how much finance is available for your home.

How Green Deal rates may increase

A Green Deal loan taken out over 25 years will have a higher APR than a loan taken out over 5 years.

Paying off a Green Deal early

You are able to pay the loan off early. It works in the same way as any other financial agreements. You will receive a settlement figure to pay the loan back in full at the time of the enquiry.

Other alternatives to a Green Deal loan

You don’t have to pay for home improvements through the Green Deal. You can pay for improvements from savings and other low cost loan options we have available. For more information, contact us today.

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